How to start a Blog in 2019?

Starting a blog isn’t hard at all.

  • Topic
  • Content
  • Focus
  • Truth

That is what you need to start. The rest you will learn along the way with help of your subscribers. There is more if you want to make money with it. Since you need

People will pay for many things as long as they get what They want. Remember no one will pay for something they don’t want. So if you want your Blog to bring you money you need to sell it to your subscriber which is your customer here. Best way to learn how to make your customer pay is to create urgent to buy. Your subscribers will pay to read as long as you will create in them urgent to buy, so you won’t become a salesman but your subscriber become a customer.



If you want to start a blog first you need to find a topic that interests you and you will be able to write about it. Remember that topic that doesn’t interest you won’t interest your reader. But don’t worry there are over 7 billion people around the world. There is no topic that won’t find it’s own niche as long as it interests you it will find other people interested in it.


After you found a topic that interests you. You need to start writing about it. Remember to keep it easy to understand for everyone, so any person that comes by your blog will be able to understand what he or she came across. If your content will be interesting it might turn out that even people that don’t know it might like it and stay a little longer. There is no bad content there is content that is badly written.


 Jack of all trades, master of none
Remember to focus on 1 topic and build all your other topics around it. If you won’t focus on 1 topic and everything around it but many topics not connected to each other your readers will go away. So after you found your topic and you started writing your content, focus on it and keep it. There is no possibility that your topic will end and there is nothing more to say in it. If you don’t know what to write about it means only that your topic doesn’t interest you enough to write about it.


So you picked up your topic. You started to make content. You know that you need to focus on 1 topic and topics around it. The last but not least important thing is the truth. Always be true to yourself and your readers. Imagine if you won’t say the truth and your readers will figure it out? You will lose them. Because no one will read something that comes from a liar or inadequate person.

Earning Money on your blog.

Payable Content

That is content that people are willing to pay. Believe it or not, people will pay for everything THEY want to have. There is absolutely no person around the world that will pay for something that he or she don’t want. Paying for something you don’t want is like paying taxes. But there is a small difference between your content and taxes. If They don’t want they don’t have to pay for your content, and you know how it works with taxes. So if you want people to pay for your content you need to create urgency for that. You need to create the desire in your readers so they are willing to pay for your content.


A blog is a good way of building a brand for yourself. but before you build it up people won’t pay just for your brand which you don’t have at the beginning. So first focus on building your brand and then people will pay just because of your name under the post. You can read how to build your brand here 


If you have something that connects to your blog you can start earning money with it. Connecting your blog to some shopping page or even making your own blog into one is a good idea as long as content connects with a product. Imagine that you read about the fridge and someone wants to sell you a car. It wouldn’t help you at all. After you create your brand its much easier because there are people that will buy t-shirts and other stuff just because there is a logo of your blog on it.

Social Media

Everyone knows some social media.

blog facebook



blog youtube



blog twitter



blog instagram




Most of these pages can generate you a fairly good income. For example, on Facebook, you can create ads. On Youtube, you can make videos for which you will get paid. But more about it you can read here