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80/20 Rule

This is quite simple. It says that 20% of your total work generates 80% of your income.

So why people even work in the remaining 80% of the time when it only makes 20% of their income?

Because they aren’t aware of that!

The main goal for any entrepreneur is to find his 20% work that generates his 80% of income.

You need to look into your income and find which one of your work generates most of your income.

Concentrate on it while ignoring the remaining 80% of your work which generates only 20% of your income.

Of Course, when you have just started a new business.

It generates less than 80% of your income it doesn’t mean you should ignore it.


It means you need to build it up so it generates more income and hits your 20% niche.

So to sum it all. Look into your income table and cut off all that is in 80% work zone and out of 80% income zone!


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