1st Test of ClickBank! Check out and help us out.


After looking through the internet for some Free ways to earn money.

I found a youtube video about ClickBank so I decided to check it out.

After it, I decided to register and look through it, even after I heard in the video that it may be closed for my country.

But I did check it out and I could register so I made it through registration which required less than 2 minutes.

In Video it looked similar to our Passive income.

So how do you earn money if you don’t have any to invest? It is quite simple you need to register your account which isn’t hard if you can read this website you can handle it. Remember to choose the affiliate account so you can promote products.

So basically you get paid for products you promote, you have to choose your own niche first and what kind of products you want to promote.

Wise is to get some products that actually you work with and are in your circle of interest.

But for promotion, you need traffic so you might be interested in some course.

Here is a video course which can help you make money, and drive traffic to your site.


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