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Since I’ve started growing Instagram profile I decided to look into how to exactly do it.

I didn’t want to use the money for it so I decided to check out a free method.

Of course, you can use paid methods which I will write down also but I share with you the best I found for myself.

Some of you will ask but why do I even need it?

Well simply because if you want to earn money you need customers.

It doesn’t matter what you do to earn money if you are an entrepreneur you need customers. But Remember even if you are an entrepreneur it doesn’t mean you stop being customer yourself. If you sell something you sell something you would buy or you will lose your customers.

But let’s get to the point of this article which is how to grow your account on Instagram.

I’m working with a free method which is called “Follow for Follow”.

I know some of you will say it doesn’t work.

I’m 100% sure it works, why?

Because when I write this article it’s the 3rd day I’m working with it 1st day I’ve made 100 followers from 0.

Not that much? Remember all I put into it was a little of my time and I was doing it for the first time.

On the 2nd day, I doubled it which means I had 200 followers which means I gain +100% a day. and I post only motivational quotes so far.

Today I aim to double it again so after today I want to have 400 followers.

Of course, you can also look around Instagram in your niche and repost popular photos which will help you grow your audience even faster. I don’t do that though because I want to post only content I found or created myself.

Check out my account to see how it works.


and here you have one way to use your Instagram account to make money


Have a wonderful Sunday

and stay tuned for more

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