Build your Instagram profile in 2019 with Us for Free! Ver. 2


If you are here it means you are interested in growing your followers on Instagram.

This is the right place you can learn it along with me!

So if you have read the first guide you know which method I’ve already tried a “follow for follow” already the method is good but there is one big minus in it. This method doesn’t give you an audience which can give you money.

If you use it all you get are numbers but not the true followers, so you get something useless for businessmen.

So you need real followers which will look for every post and every opinion you give them.

So how do you get that audience?

This isn’t so simple but it is possible regardless if you want to use some money or you don’t.

As you already know from my content I prefer a freeway so anyone can use it if he wants.

The freeway I use right now is that ‘create your own content” I think I don’t need to explain it any deeper than that.

The second there is if you are not so sure of yourself and you want it a little faster is “repost/remake” most popular posts in your niche. Some of you will say that it’s not good and you don’t create value. There is one thing you don’t see most of all the big channels with enormous follower number started like that.

But as these are the free methods there is always a paid Instagram Shoutout. big channels can call a big amount but those smaller ones can do it even “shoutout for shoutout” or paid shoutouts the prices can differ from 10$ to even 10.000$ from what I heard.

I’ll get that information and share it with you in the next update!

Check out This course to learn more. Instagram Tutorial


and here you have one way to use your Instagram account to make money



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