How to write a book? Learn it with us!

How to write a book by yourself? The information I found that work for me already.

  1. Title
  2. Split work into Small Pieces (chapters/paragraphs)
  3. Order 

Title of your Book

So the most important thing is the Title of the book. Why do you ask? Its simple people won’t read something that they can’t see. No Title no book, so first you need to come up with a Title. Your Title must catch your future readers. Remember also that you need to come up with the content itself so get a Title to that what you want to write about.

Split your Work

How to eat an elephant? A bite at a time.

What does that mean? There is a simple answer. The whole book can get people scared because of a big goal for almost anyone. But if you split it into chapters? It is not that scary anymore, and if you split it into paragraphs or even words? It sounds much easier.


You need to put the whole book in order. chapters must get in the right place. Each chapter must connect with one another. That way you get a whole book. The way the reader can easily read it with pleasure.

Tips and Tricks


It all depends on what you need and what you like. Some people can write a book in complete chaos around them and others need a calm place to do it so it’s only a personal preference.


But for sure everyone needs tools to write a laptop or PC and chair in which you can spend even a few hours is a must.


You need also a firm schedule with which you will write and a solid deadline that you chose yourself.

Tension and climax

When you already start to write remember to build tension from the start. Remember to keep your readers under tension so they just can’t wait to read the next page and next chapter.

Marathon of the middle

Never give up during the middle of the book its the hardest part and most writers give up. Remember just keep going!

The End is The Begining

Write a Resounding Ending it is really important if you want the reader to wait for your next work, think about it as long as you need it is the most important part of your publication it makes your reader wait for the new tome.

Ferocious Editor

After you finish your work start editing it. Become the most ferocious editor you can come up but only


After you read all you know the basics. So now you need to sit down and write. It doesn’t have to be bestseller right away but it will build your brand greatly.

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