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Brand, What is it?

If you want to earn money you need some kind of reputation. Even if you just start your business you need to impress your customer in some way. It really doesn’t matter if you want to just brush streets or build a skyscraper. If you want to earn money you need a BRAND.


The easiest way to create your reputation is simply by doing a good job. But that’s not nearly enough. Why? Because many people do a good job and still don’t have their own brand. So how do you start?

  1. Start doing something!
  2. Learn and gain experience to get Knowledge 
  3. Become an Expert
  4. Chose your customers carefully
  5. Call for the price you deserve and work for
  6. Become an Authority

Start your business

If you want people to know you first you need to start your own business. Because being known just because people know you, is quite useless and won’t make you money. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell something or do some work for others you need to start doing it! Without features, you cant gain reputation.


This is not information, it is something you learned and tried out and you know that it works and how it works. You know how to use it to your advantage. Reading 1000 books isn’t knowledge it is just information which everyone can get. You are here building your brand because you already have that information, you’ve already experienced how it works and you have knowledge.


Who is an Expert? It is someone who knows his job perfectly and is focused on 1 thing instead of many. For example, Doctor is oriented on the whole body but a neurologist focuses only on your brain. So when you have a brain problem you rather go to neurologist than to internist.


80% of your income will come from 20% of your customers, so be sure to choose customers that you want to work with and they are worth your time. Toxic customers aren’t worth your time and the money you earn on them. It’s better for you to chose customers that know what they want, are willing to pay your price. Because they have a problem and you have a solution so if they are not willing to pay your price it’s not your problem that stays unsolved.


When you are an Expert you call for the money you work for. Set your price and don’t go down on it you have knowledge and experience so you deserve for the money you call. The customer comes to you and pays because he is sure he will get what he paid for.


When you become authority people come to you to learn from you, your prices go up because you can solve any problem and you teach people to solve problems not only their own but others also. You can become a mentor of others and they gain knowledge from you. You have a strong Brand and you are known for being an authority.



Creating your own brand requires time and effort its not something you create over a week or month so be patient work hard so one day you have brand strong enough to decide when and with whom you work. People pay you how much you want and you solve any problem they come with to you.

Decide for yourself if its worth to create your own brand or not.

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