Copywriting Tutorial

What it is? What does copywriter do? And how to become one? All the answers you will find here.

To put it simply it’s writing a copy. Before internet copywriters made it on paper as fliers, mail, banners, posters and everything that could people see and read. Nowadays it all is still there but the internet has the power to go globally so more people can see your advertising and you can gain more customers.

On the other side, it’s much easier and much cheaper to advertise on the internet than on the streets. It takes less time than before there is no printing, no need to hire many people to give fliers away to make banners and posters visible.

No need to pay enormous money to send out mail to hundreds and thousands of people. All you need is to find someone to make an add and put it on the internet.

Here is when really good copywriter comes in.  You ask why? It’s really simple. Because making really good advertising isn’t a simple task. It takes time and you need to know the rules of how to do it.

Let’s start with this guide which will give you information. If you read my blog you should know what to do next

Sell Benefits, not features

  1. Research
  2. Title
  3. Visual Appeal
  4. Call to Action
  5. Power Words

These are the most important things in copywriting.

Read carefully so you get a hold of it and start making really good money.


You always start with the research.

You need to know what you sell, for who and what kind of customers you aim to get.

You need to know your competition, the way they sell and what they sell.

It’s like preparing for battle in which customers are on stake.

You need to prepare for war with your opponents and get as many customers as possible.

That’s why you need information.


First, write your copy, your title should sum it all up. Make it short, simple, clear and unique. Always tell the truth never lie and be believable. Write a title that will catch the eyes of customers and make them want to read more.

Visual Appeal 

Unless someone wants to read your advertising. It must be really appealing for the customer to make him read it, otherwise, he will just delete it and you won’t earn his money. When you write your copy remember to make short paragraphs that always connect with previous ones, put pictures, use bolding, italicizing and underlining. Remember that people love lists and tables because of the easy to read content. Make subheadings so they can easily find what interests them.

Call to Action

If you want to make an awesome ad you need to create urgency. People are more likely to take action when they feel a sense of urgency. When they have to respond immediately. This is the most important tool in copywriting

Power Words

Psychology is really important. It tells you what you should and shouldn’t say to your customers. Remember that anytime you write an ad you speak to customers. Not directly but through your copy, so you should write it the way you would speak to them. Here are some words that will help you sell your product through your ad, these are the power words which you should use:

Improve, Learn, Best, Extra, Money, Extraordinary, Trust, Know, Win, Free, Now, Ultimate, Discover, Understand, Bonus, Guarantee, Help, Profit, Powerfull, Exclusive, Proven, Amazing


Copywriting is like selling on paper. You need to have really good skills in selling to be a good copywriter.

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