Investment, What it is?

Let us start with what it is to invest?

As hard as it may sound it is really easy. To put it in simple words.

You give something to get back something more valuable.

Sometimes you invest your time to get money, sometimes you invest knowledge to get money and sometimes you use your money to make more money.

Time Investment

This is something you make every day. You wake up and start to invest your time into your daily routine.

When you go to your daily work you invest your time when you read a book you invest your time.

Time investment is the most important since you can’t make more time a day you have only 24 hours a day. It won’t get longer so you need to concentrate what you do with your time and invest it wisely.

Best way to invest your time isn’t to work but to get knowledge which helps you get what you want faster.

How to invest Knowledge?

Knowledge is power. Why?

It is simple. If you know how to do something people will pay you for that. If you know how to do something better than other people will pay you more.

For example, you don’t have money but you have knowledge about copywriting. You will earn money without putting any money into it.

The more knowledge you have, the more you can invest, the more you invest, the more problems you solve, the more money you earn.

Money investment

Now you know how to invest your time to get knowledge, so you got your knowledge to make money, and now,  how to invest money to get even more money?

This isn’t so simple because there are so many ways to invest money as many people around the world. My advice is to first invest money in yourself and get your knowledge first. Then you have so many options to invest your money and get your Passive income.

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