Real Estate

Why Real Estate?

Investing in real estate is hard because most of the time requires enormous amounts of money.

Let us look deeper into why is it worth it? Because it is a source of passive income and can double or even triple your investment.

First of all this business is one of the most lucrative. Because there will always be something to buy, something to sell,  something to rent, something to build. as long as there are people they will need a place to live in and place to work in, they need to buy their stuff.  Even in the era of the internet people still need houses and apartments, hotels and offices so as long as there is a need for buildings so long real estate business will last so same as the food business it is infinite.

Do you think it is not infinite?

Because Earth is limited?

Nope because when there is no more place on the solid ground to build new buildings, Someone will have to build underwater or on the water, someone will have to go to other planets and build there. There will always be a need for real estate and it can only get more expensive. There is no loss in it.

Remember even if war breaks out and all your buildings get destroyed there is always ground under it which is still worth money, even in the most remote place on earth.

Time will come when people will move there and want to live there big cities will become only bigger so even if something is 20 miles from the center of the city doesn’t mean it is useless because in 10 years it won’t be outskirts but a center since every city will grow and more people will want to live in it.

So even if you buy a field 50 miles away from New York.

In 50 years it can become an investment area for apartments and small villas which millionaires will want to buy and you will earn millions of dollars.

So if you have money buy apartments and shops in big cities and ground in outskirts of cities. While apartments and shops will give you income from rent, the ground will only grow in value.

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